Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting Ready for Government Camp 2009

All is set to go. It is hard to believe but Government Camp 2009 is just a weekend away.

So much planning and preparation has gone into next week that this is truly a team effort. Now, we just await the arrival of 25 high school students - many of them from the Hampton Roads area and others from as far away as Texas, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

I have often wondered what brings these students to the Camp? Is it the beautiful Regent University campus? Is it the field trips or the great speakers? Is it their love of country? Is it the food? I am sure all of these play a part. But I think it has to be a love of learning about some of the most fascinating stuff on the planet - national security and intelligence. Who doesn't love a great spy movie or a national security thriller? And here in Regent's Government Camp we are able to reproduce some of this in a real, factual, and tangible manner. WOW! What a great opportunity.

I can't wait until next week! To be in the world of national security and intelligence for an entire week and then to be in this world with the young people who will be tomorrow's leaders is almost like dumping me in a playground of LEGO's and telling me to build until my heart is content (I love LEGO building blocks!!!).

I need to settle down... just a couple more days and all the fun begins.

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