Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the Ground at Xe...

The tour began immediately after the briefing. We boarded the bus and drove past numerous ranges and facilities where law enforcement and military personnel were training. We arrived at a "shooting house" and were ushered in to a compound where personnel train for urban warfare. We stood inside a room and hallway where hundreds of personnel have trained for close combat. The space was small and the room for maneuverability was sparse. There is no room for error here. We learned of the difficult cross- a place where two hallways intersect and where life or death decisions are made by counter-terrorism teams that attempt to secure buildings or hostages. Once again, there is no room for error. The level of discipline and strength on the part of counter-terrorism "on the ground" personnel is mind blowing. We all begin to understand why places like Xe exist and why they provide such a valuable service. The men and women who train here are no mere mortals. They are sophisticated warriors that have learned to balance the demands of war and civility - this is no easy feat.From the shooting house, we go to numerous ranges and see the driving track where personnel are trained for defensive and offensive driving in life or death situations. The parking lot is full of Crown Victorias and Suburbans - vehicles used for the track. According to our guide, the tires on these vehicles last 2 training days and the brakes last 7 days. Talk about aggressive driving! Demolished cars and even some with bullet holes also pack the lot.There is so much more to tell. It was a full day and it ended with Xe treating all of us to a superb lunch of juicy steaks and chops, desserts, drinks and much more. A high protein lunch for a hungry group counter-terrorism campers.

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